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Video Game Whitepaper
Real Life Farming Whitepaper

About the Game:

The game has two (2) ways of earning:

1. Real Life Farming
2. 3D Game (Play to Earn)

Farming Tales is a crypto farm where NFTs represent real products from their real farms.

Real Life Farming

In Farming Tales everyone can become the owner of some real assets of our real farm: hives, land for saffron, grow boxes for hemp. The ownership of these assets guarantees its owner a small basal production of a certain product (ex. beehives: honey), and also makes it possible to burn special NFTs to increase production.

3D Game (Play to Earn)

Farming Tales – The Game aims to offer its players a new NFT-based play to earn gaming experience. Each player will be able to get his own farm, which he will have to grow and improve thanks to the use of NFTs which represent the various pieces and assets of his property.

This is a live blog where our all our posts about Farming Tales in social media and others will be posted here in this post. Check it out below.

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