Game Launch News: October 2021

It’s been a hectic sleepless month with many awesome games that recently launched this October. We have updated our blockchain games calendar and also played some of the games listed.

Due to our limited budget, we can only play some of the games. How we wish we could play everything but time and money is, unfortunately, not on our side.

Here is a summary of what we’ve been up to this month:

Lime Odyssey ITAM

Lime Odyssey ITAM just launched on Mobile. We installed and played a few runs on it. The game graphics is good and since it’s an idle game, we can play it whenever we want; however, we just recently discovered that the P2E features are limited during the time of our testing, so we are unable to fully test the p2e aspects of the game. Recently though, when we checked the marketplace, there are now listings of NFTs from items to weapons and more. So we can assume that the P2E feature of NFT Selling is probably enabled.

Mobox Block Brawler

Mobox has always been fun to play but it’s hard when you only get the cheaper momos. The game is worth it if you get the higher rarity momos when playing their games so you can have the advantages and other features like renting out your momos, for example. We tried it out using our rare momos, and it was a lot of fun.

You can check out a short game overview below:


This game is so freaking expensive but so amazingly cute! We couldn’t play this but only have to drool while taking a look at some of our friends playing the game with their super cute DNAXcats. The game is also idle based where you need to form a team of at least 3 cats to play the game. As per some feedback, the adventure is grindy where you have to level up your cats to proceed to the next stages… and yes, it’s not easy, and some battles may take some time to finish. But they did say that it’s worth it, so you might want to check it out.

Farming Tales

One of the most profitable games we’ve entered so far. The game is a farming simulation / management game that enables people to earn $SEST while making sure their animals and plants get fed and watered respectively. The game is still in alpha, and since its recent launch, many have already earned hundreds and thousands by reselling the NFTs in Atomic Hub. Many players were also able to access the Alpha Phase with P2E features already activated. For Alpha, only the hen and the garden (tomatoes) are functional for p2e – and earning 5 SEST (per hour for hen), and 17 SEST (per 3 hours for tomatoes). You might want to check out our game overview here:

We also have a game guide about this on our Game Guides section here –

NFT Panda

Another line up in the WAX Blockchain, NFT Panda is a click to earn game that we recently saw by accident, while searching for NFTs for Farming Tales. It started with an NFT Airdrop with a limited edition panda. You can play the game with only 1 panda, but in order for you to maximize your earnings, you will need to buy more pandas so you can earn more $BAM. The game is a no brainer clicker so you can let your girlfriends and grandparents play this game. However, do keep in mind that you have to check on your Wax CPU, RAM, NET usage when playing games like these… it consumes a lot of CPU, on my case. So keep tabs on your WAX investments. Check out our game overview here (This is in tagalog version, unfortunately).


We had to rely on our fast hands for this one – the starting genesis heroes called Yolos were sold right away! We are deadly fans of idle games, and Yohero is one of the games we’ve been keeping an eye on. There were some bits of flags here and there but nevertheless, they launched the game and here we are – playing the game beta! Their tokens $YHC and $YO will also launch this month, so keep an eye on them. The schedule is also in our blockchain game calendar. Check out our game overview here (in Tagalog again, sorry).

And that’s it for this month. There are still many notable games out there, but we ran out of budget. So we had to lie low for a while. We hope this article is useful (or entertaining!) for you. We hope you visit us again next time!

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